Sunoko has donated 10 computers to Elementary Schools in Pećinci

03.10.2018. | News and Press Releases
Sunoko has donated 10 computers to Elementary Schools in Pećinci

BELGRADE, 3/10/2018 – The company Sunoko has donated 10 computers to Elementary Schools in Pećinci. The Municipality of Pećinci addresseed the company Sunoko asking for help in implementation of humanitarian action of providing equippment for computer calassrooms in order to jointly manage to provide equippment to schools on the territory of this municipality.
The Director of the company Sunoko, Ljubiša Radenković, handed over the donation and said on this occassion that the company Sunoko was always glad to respond to such calls, especially when it comes to children and their education.
“We are very pleased for being able to contribute at the micro level to the development and progress of young people in this municipality by donating 10 computers. In modern times, modern technologies are a necessity. They must be available to children in order to learn how to use them and how to bring them into their common knowledge in a porper manner” said Radenković.
The President of the Municipality of Pećinci, Željko Trbović, expressed his gratitude to the company Sunoko for this donation. “The Municipality encounters many challenges in its daily operations, both of organizational and financial nature. Sunoko’s donation has greatly helped and facilitated the collection of funds for equipping computer classrooms in our Elementary Schools and I we appreciate that” said Mr. Trbović.
The company Sunoko, which operates within MK Group, is a long-standing leader in sugar production in Serbia and is recognized as the most efficient sugar producer in Southeast Europe.