Sunoko Has Opened its Own Research and Development Center

22.12.2020. | News and Press Releases

The company Sunoko, a member of MK Group, opened a Research and Development Center, the first of its kind in the field of agriculture in Serbia. By applying the latest technology, this innovation will enable more efficient production of sugar beet, in accordance with the latest scientific research and knowledge, as well as guidelines for good agricultural practice.

„By opening the Research and Development Center, thanks to the most modern research-laboratory and professional staff, we will be able to identify all potential problems in sugar beet production and adequately respond to all needs in the process, from the very first step. The Center will support and make a great contribution to even better quality of the final product, which is extremely important for the production of safe food, but also for the entire domestic food industry, ” said Dr. Nenad Trkulja, director of the Research and Development Center Sunoko.

„I have started cooperating with Dr. Trkulja in 2019 in protection against Cercospora when I realized that the difference in yield can be up to 10 t/ha with a different approach to protection. Thereupon, I gained trust and I am happy with the news that Sunoko founded this Research and Development Center headed by this company, because both sides will benefit, both agricultural producers and sugar factories “, said Vidosav Brnjašević, sugar beet producer.

Sunoko annually produces up to 400,000 tons of sugar from its three centers and is the most successful sugar producer in Southeast Europe. That is why Sunoko is working on additional optimization of technological processes of sugar beet production, the first segment in sugar production. The technological process of sugar beet production includes a number of demanding agrotechnical and chemical measures that will be brought to maximum optimization by IRC expertise, which leads to a reduction in production costs, increases yields and reduces the negative impact on the environment. The Center itself organizes professional lectures for all sugar beet producers in Serbia, while for all producers with whom Sunoko has a contract, direct education and field consulting are provided.

Dr Nenad Trkulja direktor istrazivacko-razvojnog centra Sunoko Vidosav Brnjašević proizvođač šeerne repe Istraživačko razvojni centar Sunoko