Sunoko -Partner of the International Fair and Conference “Belgrade Food Show 2020“

24.11.2020. | News and Press Releases
Sunoko -Partner of the International Fair and Conference “Belgrade Food Show 2020“

24 November 2020 – The Company Sunoko supported this year’s online international fair of high quality food “Belgrade Food Show 2020”, which brought together representatives of key institutions of the country and the region, major European experts and industry leaders.

Slobodan Košutić, Director of the Company Sunoko, was a participant in the panel “Unique Label for the Quality of Domestic Product”, within the conference and on this occasion pointed out:

„The Sunoko Company produces 100% of its products from raw materials of domestic origin, i.e. sugar beet grown in Serbia. We have standards and high quality of products, and with the Čuvarkuća (Common Houseleek) trademark, that quality is officially recognized. The Čuvarkuća trademark is important for both consumers and producers and encourages domestic production and the domestic economy. Behind this label is the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and thus, through product certification, high quality products are provided and confirmed.”

The conference was also attended by Prof. Dr. Saša Veljković, full professor at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and President of the Serbian Marketing Association (SeMA), Marc Ernest Garofani, Director General of Veropoulos Serbia and Branislav Sekulić, founder of the Company Vrtlari, while the moderator was Miloš Pejčinović from the Association for the Promotion of Serbian Food.