Sunoko donates a range of products to Food Bank Belgrade

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Sunoko donates a range of products to Food Bank Belgrade

BELGRADE, 12/04/2017 – Sunoko has donated its food products as a response to the humanitarian action of the Food Bank Belgrade “We are helping together“ on the occasion of the upcoming Easter holidays.

On behalf of the company, Mr. Slobodan Košutić, Sales Director, handed the donation of 864 doypack packaging of Sunoko crystal sugar.

The company Sunoko recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and therefore the company gladly accepted the invitation to participate in this action. We have strivedfor many years to be a responsible and reliable partner of the communitywhere our employees, end-users and colleagues live and work, therefore we often organize charity fundraising events, sponsorship and donation activities”said Mr. Košutić on that occasion.

More than seven tons of basic foodstuff has been collected, which represents a biggest one-time donation to the Food Bank Belgrade ever since this organization was founded in Serbia.

Humanitarian action “We are helpingtogether” was organized in the Distribution center of the company Delhaize in Stara Pazova where this big donation was solemnly handed.

Sunoko is a long-time leader in the production of sugar in Serbia, which has more than half of the production and storage capacity and more than 75 percent of its total production. The company is now recognized as the most efficient sugar producer in Southeast Europe, which annually produces about 400,000 tons of sugar, 125,000 tons of sugar beet pulp and 130,000 tons of molasses.