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MK Group


MK Group is a holding company, one of the most successful business systems in Serbia, which includes over 35 associated enterprises operating in the country and abroad. MK Group is engaged in strategic business management and corporate management in the field of agriculture and agricultural industry, tourism, real estate management, IT, finances, etc.

MK Group’s successful business history dates back over 28 years. Most part of MK Group’s operations concerns agricultural production, industry and trade in agricultural products.
Enterprises within MK Group are among the most successful domestic companies and the largest manufacturers and exporters of sugar, wheat, corn, soybean, barley, oilseed rape, animal feed, etc.
MK Group has all the necessary infrastructure for successful and contemporary business in its fields of activities, whereas its assets include tens of thousands of hectares of arable land with associated agricultural machines of the latest generation, large and modern storage facilities (silos, warehouses, floor storages), four sugar plants, mills, orchards and greenhouses, as well as commercial buildings, hotels, building land and others.
Companies within MK Group, both in the country and abroad, employ over 5,000 people.
The holding is based in Belgrade, whereas associated companies are located across Vojvodina and Serbia. Since 2006, the company has been expanding its operations to the countries in the region, such as Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Read more about president of MK Group on this link: Miodrag Kostic.