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The Company Sunoko, which operates as part of the MK Group system, is the largest producer and exporter of sugar in Serbia, while in Europe it is positioned as one of the most efficient.
MK Group is one of the leading holding companies in Serbia and the region in the field of agriculture, banking and tourism. In more than a dozen companies of the holding, 7,000 people are employed in permanent, part-time and seasonal jobs. Today, MK Group is among the largest and strongest companies in the domestic agriculture. As an example, we would like to mention that MK Group is the largest producer and exporter of field crops from Serbia, primarily corn, but also wheat, soybeans, barley and sunflowers. It is also the largest producer of pigs in Serbia. In addition, it owns warehouses, silos, mills, factories for the production of animal feed, and all the necessary infrastructure for modern agribusiness and sugar industry.
Thanks to modern management, use of the latest generation of mechanization and implementation of the most modern technological solutions, today, MK Group has an enviable international position, and the size, strength and the European business concept are best illustrated by numerous and long-term business relationships with partners from Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain and Italy, Switzerland, Greece and Russia.
You can read more about the President of MK Group at the link: Miodrag Kostić.