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Owing to permanent investments in the modernisation and expansion of the existing capacities, Sunoko Company tends to become an absolute leader on the domestic market.

The Procurement Sector is in charge of supplying all factors and services necessary for a smooth production process. Both on the domestic and international markets, we tend to provide the most adequate goods and services from renowned suppliers.


The entire sale of all products is managed from the headquarters of Sunoko, which is based in Novi Sad.

Our offer includes the fines white „Cristal“ sugar in the following forms of packaging:

As well as byproducts:

  • Dried and raw sugar beet pulp
  • Sugar beet pulp pellets in bulk
  • Sugar beet pulp pellet packed in bags of 45kg
  • Molasses


  • Entire range of our products is present at markets of CEFTA members and European Union states.


  • Sunoko Company tends to record continuous growth and development in all business segments.
  • The principles and strategies of the development of Sunoko are based on activities aimed at increasing the level of efficiency in all business operations, as well as ensuring sufficient amounts of high-quality raw material.
  • As a leader of the Serbian sugar market, every day we tend to improve the relations with our business partners, meet the expectations of our employees and the needs of our end users.