Investments in Production Center Pecinci

The company Sunoko constantly invests in the improvement of production processes and environmental protection.

During 2013, the PC Pećinci invested around 23 million euros for the purpose of the environment protection, safety improvement and product quality, increase in capacity and reduction of costs. Investment in the construction of the new molasses desugarisation plant has already started, and will be put into operation in the spring of 2014 and a new sugar silo of 40. 000 tones was also built.

In 2012 a sugar beet pulp drying machine was built-in with zero emissions into the atmosphere. Also, the savings in fuel required for conventional drying process, better quality and greater percentage in the quantity of pulp was also accomplished. An investment in additional coal-fired boiler was also made, therefore reducing the consumption of coal. Additional heaters with better performance than the existing ones were also built-in thereby reducing the energy consumption.

Investing in promotion and environmental protection as well as the preservation of clean, healthy and sustainable environment represent the key principles the company Sunoko is committed to.