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Miodrag Kostic


Miodrag Kostić is the President of MK Group, a leading company in Serbia and the region, whose key business areas are agriculture, tourism and banking. The beginnings of the career of Miodrag Kostić and the business system of MK Group date back to 1983, when he founded the company MK Commerce, one of the first private companies in the territory of Vojvodina being engaged in the production and export of field crops from Serbia. Since then, the development of the future company has gone exclusively upwards. With 37 years of experience in private entrepreneurship, Mr. Kostic is one of the most successful businesmen, not only in Serbia, but also in the region. He based his vision of business development on investing in the areas in which he has the most knowledge and experience, as well as investing in the human potential of all his member companies.

With the experience and knowledge he holds, Mr. Miodrag Kostić recognized the potential of the sugar industry very early on, which led him to expand his business to this area in 2002. Sunoko, which today represents the largest domestic producer and exporter of sugar, became part of the MK Group business system in 2005. Today, the system owns 3 sugar factories, more than 10 agricultural companies, trade and storage complexes that have been successfully restructured and merged into modern and highly profitable Serbian export-oriented companies. Sunoko is the largest domestic producer and exporter of sugar in Serbia, while in Europe it has positioned itself as one of the most efficient precisely because of its proximity to sugar beet suppliers but also its optimal infrastructure for the transport of goods. It owns more than half of the country’s production and storage capacities and accounts for more than 70% of its total sugar production. It bases its business success and growth on production in line with the needs and expectations of domestic and foreign consumers, but also on the requirements of high standards related to product quality and safety. In all markets where Sunoko markets its products, it strives to become a synonymous for quality, safety, hygiene of products and Halal product status.

In addition to the company Sunoko, at the end of 2011 a part of MK Group became the Serbian leader in the meat industry – the company Carnex from Vrbas, which exports its products to over 15 countries. Agriculture remains a key business area of the entire MK Group. However, following the trends and wanting to further develop areas in which he has extensive knowledge and experience, Mr. Miodrag Kostić has, during his 35 years of successful career, expanded his business in the field of tourism – MK Mountain Resort, which owns the Grand Hotel & Spa *** * in Kopaonik is the leading hotel complex in the famous Serbian mountain. At the same time, with the establishment of Istrian hotels d.o.o., the MK Group becomes richer for the Hotel Kempinski Palace in Portorož, a minority ownership in HTP Budvanska Riviera in Montenegro, and also cooperation has been established with the Sheraton hotel chain, which opened its hotel in Serbia in March 2018. A member of this company is the luxury hotel complex ” Skiper Resort ”in Istria, which became part of Istrian hotels in 2017. Today, MK Group, headed by Miodrag Kostić, also operates successfully in the field of banking. Since 2014, from a minority owner it become first a majority and then a one hundred percent owner of AIK Bank, and in June 2019, AIK Bank took over the ownership of Gorenjska banka.

Through decades of work, Miodrag Kostic has always insisted that business success must be supported by socially beneficial actions, which help the environment in which his companies and employees work and live. The MK Group company continuously helps the SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo and numerous other institutions and projects aimed at helping children and meeting their life needs. In the summer of 2013, Miodrag Kostić intended his family house in Novi Sad for the permanent use of children with cancer and their parents at the “Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina” , as an endowment of the Kostić family.

Mr. Kostić’s knowledge, success and perseverance were crowned with numerous awards such as “Businessman of the Year”, “Most Successful Man of Vojvodina”, “Most Successful Businessman”, “Best Manager of Southeast Europe 2011”, then the award “Golden Dinar of Tsar Dusan – Company of the Decade”. “Belgrade Winner”, “Business Partner of the Year” and others. The company he heads has been repeatedly proclaimed the most successful company in Serbia and the region.

Miodrag Kostic
MK Group