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Miodrag Kostic


One of the most prominent leaders in business in Serbia, Miodrag Kostić started gaining experience in the world of private entrepreneurship upon graduating from the Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad. With over 30 years of work experience, MiodragKostić has achieved significant business success not just in his home country but the entire region of Eastern Europe as well.

In 1983 he founded a small company that dealt with export-import, trade and production. Success followed shortly. He was able to build a business system which now incorporates 40 enterprises, and employs over 7000 workers across Serbia. One of the biggest business milestones for MiodragKostić came after years of stable and constant development of agricultural production, trade, brokerage investments, banking and consulting, when all the separate companies formed the now renowned MK Group.

MiodragKostić was able to recognize the Vojvodina region as one of the most fertile in Europe when it comes to sugar beet production. He quickly acted on this realization becoming the owner of three sugar mills located in this region in 2002. Soon after, in 2003, MK Commerce bought one of the oldest and most prominent sugar factories in Vrbas, “Bačka”. MiodragKostić continued to pursue his business goals, so in 2006 he founded Sunoko. This company was the result of a joint venture of two major companies, MK Commerce from Serbia and Nordzucker from Germany. Both companies aimed to strengthen their position on the European sugar market. After successful 4 years, MK Group had regained the position of a major stakeholder in Sunoko, becoming, with its four sugar factories in Vrbas, Pećinci, Kovačica and Bač, the largest domestic producer and exporter of sugar. One of the major strategic goals of MiodragKostić with Sunoko was to elevate the quality of sugar production in Serbia so that it can compete with the European standards. This was successfully achieved with the implementation of the latest technology and “know-how”. The final proof that MiodragKostić has a great sense for business and the ability to foresee the profitability of certain ventures is reflected in the fact that the sugar industry is one of the few branches of Serbian industry that can compete with EU producers.

Like all great entrepreneurs, MiodragKostić is ever driven to explore new fields and tackle new business challenges. One of his endeavors resulted in highly successful property investment on Kopaonik Mountain. The now highly renowned MK Mountain Resort includes Grand and Angella hotels along with the famous holiday resort Konaci “SunčaniVrhovi”. This was not the end of his venture into tourism, MK Mountain Resort lessons were applied to the 88 Rooms Hotel in Belgrade and Kempinski Palace Hotel in Portorož.

Keeping his eye on the future, MiodragKostić decided to invest in renewable energy sources. He founded MK Fintel Wind with the primary goal of producing “green” electricity.

With the addition of Carnex, one of the leaders in the production of meat and meat byproducts in Serbia to the MK Group, MiodragKostić has expanded the scope of his investment to the meat industry.

Besides agriculture, sugar and meat production, tourism, renewable energy, from 2015, MK Group has bought AIK Bank in Serbia and became a shareholder in Gorenjska Banka in Slovenia whereas M&V Investments, MK Group’s brokerage company, has been one of the largest in Serbia for the last 10 years.

In addition to being the head of the currently largest vertically integrated agricultural company in Europe with serious plans of expanding into other markets, MiodragKostić is also the President of the management board of AIK Bank, the member of Serbian Association of Managers, the member of Board of directors of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the member of Privrednik club, as well as the president of the Society for building Saint Sava temple Assembly.

Apart from devoting his time to his ever-growing number of business ventures, MiodragKostić has also become known for his philanthropy and charity work. His numerous philanthropic ventures include financing of the construction of a house for young people without parental care located in the SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo, founding, together with his family renowned Kostić Foundation which became a new home for children suffering from malignant cancers and seeking treatment at the “Child and Youth Health Care Institute of Vojvodina”.

The knowledge, success, and persistence that he has shown during his career spanning over 30 years have brought him numerous awards and recognitions from “The Most Successful Person in Vojvodina”, and “The Most Successful Entrepreneur” to “The Best Manager in Southeastern Europe in 2011”. He is the recipient of the award “Car Dušan’s Gold Dinar – Company of the Decade” along with the coveted “The Winner of Belgrade” award. The company which he heads has been named the most successful in Serbia and the region on several occasions.

Miodrag Kostic
MK Group