“Sugar Beet Field Days” Event

12.06.2013. | News and Press Releases
“Sugar Beet Field Days” Event

In Vrbas on 12th June 2013 – at the complex of the company Carnex LLC, Bačko Dobro Polje, there was an event on the occasion of “Sugar Beet Field Days” organized by the Company Sunoko. At this traditional event, the company Sunoko presented the latest information about the modern approach to sugar beet production to farmers. Results of experiments related to different methods of soil preparation were shown, as well as the selection of varieties, the protection of crops and modern agricultural machinery. This is the way to improve knowledge which leads to increased yields and reduced costs in the sugar beet production.

– Sunoko which is a regional leader and the largest producer of sugar in Serbia has a strategic orientation to get closer to European results in this production and to become a leader at the European market. Achieving these goals is possible only if superior results are fulfilled in the production of sugar beet. Due to its exceptionally fertile soil for the cultivation of sugar beet, Vojvodina has excellent preconditions for this but there are many things that have to be improved in the production technology. The investments in new knowledge and infrastructure such as irrigation systems or field roads are important prerequisites for achieving desired results.

On the other hand, the Company Sunoko has been intensively investing in the modernization of factories in order to increase their capacities. It is especially focused on the introduction of the latest technological solutions.

In preparations for the upcoming campaign, ambitious investment programs worth more than EUR 35 million have been developed and underway. The most important of these investments are in the factory Pećinci in the plant for desugarization of molasses which is worth over EUR 20 million and in the steam dryer for beet pulp in the amount of approximately EUR 10 million. The new sugar silo with the capacity of 45,000 tons and the additional storage capacity for molasses exceeding 80,000 m3 will enable even higher level of efficiency and improve the competitiveness of the company. A significant effect of these investments is reflected in lowering adverse environmental impacts.

This year, sugar beet is cultivated on over 55,000 hectares in Serbia. Based on agreed area of approximately 30,000 hectares, the Company is planning to produce over 230 thousand tons of sugar out of which approximately 100,000 tons will be exported to the EU market said Ljubiša Radenković, M.Sci., the director of the Company Sunoko, who added that only through mutual contribution of all employees in Sunoko, the production of sugar in our country could be raised to the European level. All previous investments of over EUR 160 million put Sunoko in the position of a recognized European producers and this is a roadway which will be continued in the future as a preparation period for the future accession to the European Union.