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Our Employees


A successful company is composed of successful people.

The success of Sunoko Company is built by devoted, quick and efficient people, who improve the daily operations of the company by their ideas, know-how and experience.

Sunoko offers you not only a job – we give you a challenge, career and development.

Completely devoted

Sunoko does everything to ensure good conditions for high-quality work and the development of employees’ professional and personal capacities. Caring for employees is an absolute priority at our company, which is reflected in numerous activities we offer our employees.

By organising regular education focused on improvement of competencies, sports events, team building and corporate celebrations; we care about the satisfaction of our employees, but also about all work safety standards.

The Human Resources focus on the recruitment of young, promising and educated staff. We believe that the enthusiasm and new skills of young people, as well as the experience and stability in the work of elder colleagues, make a combination which guarantees business success. In our employees, we respect devotion to the company and its goals, focus on results and desire for development and career building.