Sunoko to invest a million eur in the Research Center

18.12.2019. | News and Press Releases
Sunoko to invest a million eur in the Research Center

Novi Sad, 17 December 2019 – In order to be competitive in Europe and worldwide, is necessary for the production of sugar beet in Serbia to increase yields and the degree of sweetness using the high-end methods, as well as to receive the help from the government, was the conclusion of the Seminar on sugar beet production, organized in Novi Sad by Sunoko, the largest sugar producer in Serbia. This company, which operates within MK Group, has decided to intensify its efforts to provide continuous education of producers and to establish a research center for sugar beet next year, which will deal with applied research in the technology of production of this valuable crop, announced Slobodan Košutić, General Manager of Sunoko at the Seminar.

“The company Sunoko will invest millions of eur in the Research Center. This investment is significant for the raise the sugar beet production to a higher level. We see great potential in this branch of agriculture and that is why we are ready to invest, not only in our partners, but also to share that knowledge with all those who want to increase the yields of their beet fields. The Research Center, which will be engaged in applied research in the technology of sugar beet production, equipped with the latest equipment and mechanization, where the most expert staff will allow us to apply the results of research with the help of Sunoko’s Agroservice to our fields in the shortest possible time”, said Kosutić.

“Such gatherings are significat to all of us, both manufacturers and processors, to exchange experiance with problems and our knowledge, and it is chance for science to give its views and solutions for the problems encountered in the process of production. In addition, it is a chance for sugar beet growers to exchange experience in order to accomplish better results. We need to understand that we are not competing with each other, because our competition is the world market we are exposed to. Serbia has a great potential in sugar production, however, we face production falls every year and even face the possibility that this industry is going to disappear. Maintainace and survival of this production is very important to us, because the situation is changing so we have to endure these difficult moments and be certain that better days will surely come, because the biggest problem and the worst solution would be if we would be left without the sugar industry. That’s why I appeal to the state to recognize this moment and provide help as much as possible. However, producers in Europe receive various subsidies while the subsides in our country are small or non-existent”, said Zoran Matijević, Director of Agriculture at the Meat Industry Matijević, the largest producer of sugar beet in Serbia.

The most eminent experts in the field of sugar beet protection gave lectures at the seminar held at Sheraton Hotel in Novi Sad. Especially useful lecture was the presentation of Pierre Camert, Consultant at Delphy Holland, one of the most renowned European and world agricultural companies. Pierre believes that the key to success is farmers’ self-awareness that they can always improve their production. Furthermore, he presented us with very useful tips in the field of land cultivation, pre-sowing soil preparation and sowing, measures to prevent soil compaction.

The panel discussion was attended by the largest and the most successful producers of sugar beet from all three production regions of Vojvodina. They were enthusiastically debating the secret of their success in generating sugar yields of over 10 tonnes per hectare. Also, they emphasized that for the successful yield of sugar beet, it is essential to respect the principles of good agricultural practice in terms of the choice of precursors, respect for crop rotation, choice of variety and good agrotechnics.